First Shadowsocks Server For All Filipino

Fast and High speed Socks5 Proxy

Test with TCPVPN With proxy shadowsocks server – sock5 proxy your data and traffic is protected. This server very fast/High speed, High Encryption and stable. This server very good for online gaming. SingaporeServer IP: SG1-sock.tcpvpn.comPort: 8382,8383,8384,8385Password: tcpvpn*&^% FranceServer IP: FR-sock.tcpvpn.comPort: 8382,8383,8384,8385Password: tcpvpn*&^% USAServer IP: USA-sock.tcpvpn.comPort: 8382,8383,8384,8385Password: tcpvpn*&^% Thank you!

July 15, 2019 0

FREE!!! List Shadowsocks site 2019.

Shadowsocks List: –  Access any site from anywhere – Free uncensored Internet via Shadowsocks. We have a High Speed International Node. Enterprise Encryption Fast and Stable! Free and Fast If you have a suggestion of free shadowsocks site please comment. Thank you!

January 21, 2019 0

Shadowsocks GLobal Port and Password Free!!!

Server information: Location: Singapore Unlock IP Address Hit Like! Encryption: aes-256-cfb Obfs: plain Protocol: origin Port: 1194 Password: GLOBAL   For more info visit our Page and Group:   Thank you!  

December 1, 2018 1

ShadowsocksPH Latest APK – For Testing

This method work on Globe or TM i’m using globe with GOSAKTO90.   Experimenting with this promo, no data consumption. First Register to GOSAKTO90 Download Latest ShadowsocksPH APK   Default Port and Password: Hit Like to Unlock. Check you Internet Usage Dial *143# follow the instruction gevin.   My Data usage Check this Post  …
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November 14, 2018 0

Bypass Test using GTM Network

Experiment using GTM network ,stay tuned for more updates. Also app mode available soon!!! Thank you!!

November 12, 2018 3

Shadowsocks Christmas Update – Free 500GB Multiple Users.

Thank you, for supporting shadowsocksPH We are back to continue giving a free server.   FREE Server Multiple Users Download Original SS Client: Windows: Android: Mac:   Download SSR Client: Windows: Android: Mac: IOS Potatso Lite:   Server Test Local IP: Server Manual Config: Hit Like to Unlock Content   Thank you!

November 9, 2018 1

Shadowsocks-Qt5 – Shadowsocks Linux GUI Client

Shadowsocks-Qt5 is a native and cross-platform shadowsocks GUI client with advanced features. Features Shadowsocks-Qt5 is written in C++ with Qt 5. Support traffic statistics Support server latency (lag) test Use multiple profiles simultaneously config.ini is located under ~/.config/shadowsocks-qt5/ on *nix platforms, or under the application’s directory on Windows. Project info compile and install!   Thank you!

November 6, 2018 0

Shadowsocks Windows New Release 4.0.9

Assets:  Source code (zip)  Source code (tar.gz)   Whats New: Fix port occupied issue Add xchacha20-ietf-poly1305 Update cryptographic libraries Bug fixes and improvements Info of Shadowsocks.exe MD5: 416D19FA0878A9E9B260580B559EF8DE SHA1: 88E5D9A81BE58B9241110EDD62D30D2182B4C5DA SHA256: D618D4FDE2212052636F91E7EFD35AB907317354D76693006177C507CBA772C0 SHA512: 212A90729B8435B4C1919EF9B7B1D9399F69D23CB9F2BD093B4138F0CBCFE1E45D5D0390157EA863E18A97AAA54B9A270106B2CE116A82BB09E0491E88AAD94A   Source:   Thank you.

March 22, 2018 0

ShadowsocksPH APK Modded!

  Now you can download Modded app shadowsocksPH Select your server and put our Port and Password. For Port and Password Click Here! Test Connection. Download APK

February 19, 2018 2

Update!!! Server Restarted – Singapore and New York![01-25-2018]

Today we restarted and refreshed our server! You can visit a blog here to get all details. Free Shadowsocks 1000GB Multiple Users! Update!!![10-22-2017] Our server is still working and serving for free to all. We hope continuing  to support our site. Thank you!

January 25, 2018 4