How Setup Your Own Fast Shadowsocks Server – Free Internet

First Shadowsocks Server For All Filipino

How Setup Your Own Fast Shadowsocks Server – Free Internet

September 6, 2017 Setup ShadowsocksR Tips 10

Update 10-08-2018

First you need a credit card to buy VPS?

For Filipino – If you don’t have,  you need Paymaya or the easy way to get virtual credit card  online without any bank account.

I recommend Digital Ocean and Vultr to get faster VPS, $5.00/month

Click this link to register Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean – $5.00/month 512 MB / 1 CPU20 GB SSD disk1000 GB transfer

Click this link to register Vultr

Vultr – $5.00/month 1024MB / 1 CPU20 GB SSD disk1000 GB transfer


This is how to setup on Digital Ocean, also same on Vultr.

Create Droplets: Ubuntu 14.04 x 64


Choose a size: $5/month 1000GB Transfer


Choose Datacenter Region: Select your own, I’m using Singapore


Finalize and Create: You can change host name and click Create

Wait while setting up your Droplet, You will receive to your email root password for SSH.

Download Puty here :

Copy IP address and paste in Putty SSH default port 22.

Click open

Copy your password, your username is  ” root” and paste it to Putty SSH.


Lets Start: Your screen looks like.

Enter this command to update and upgrade the machine.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y


Run this 3 SSR script installation

wget –no-check-certificate

chmod +x

./ 2>&1 | tee shadowsocksR.log


Type your own password to change:




Change Method : AES-256-CFB


Change Protocol : ORIGIN


Select Obf’s : PLAIN

Press any key to Start…….

You will see:

Congratualtions! ShadowsocksR Server Install Completed:

Your Server IP: XXX.X.XX.XXX

Your Server Password: TEST

Your Protocol: Plain

Your Obfs: Origin

Your Encryption  Method: aes-256-cfb

You can also change this by typing this command:

nano /etc/shadowsocks.json

To save Press Ctrl X and Press Y and Press Enter


Thank you and Enjoy!!!


10 Responses

  1. nbwzrd says:

    boss panu yun pag multi port tulad ng sayo, same ip server pero daming port pwde pag pipilian na open

  2. nbwzrd says:

    napagana ko na po, panu e monitor po yung users usage? meron pa po ba e-install po?

  3. erwin says:

    may tutorial din po ba kayo how to setup ssh server sa digital ocean or vultr?

  4. Thanks for the post.
    I’m researching ShadowSocksR, what’s your opinion about that. I heard ShadowSocks was deprecated in many places. It looks SSR is the way to go.
    Also what do you think of OpenVPN, comparing to SS?

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