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Sratch and Win 100GB Bandwidth Daily Valid for 5 Days Multiple Users

Scratch and Win!!! Server IP: server PORT: 446 Method: aes-256-cfb Note: Do Not Share Password Salamat!!! Scratch to show P [...]

New Password for Port 2056 Server Extended!!! [08-01-2017

Fill up this Form to get password auto reply to your email. Thank you. [...]

ShadowsocksPH Giveaway 5 Premium Port 50GB Bandwidth Valid for 1 Month

This is your chance to get free premium 50GB 1 port for 1 user!!! Simply Go to this link: http://shadowsocksph.space/giveaway/shadowsocksph-giveawa [...]

Manual Update New York and Singapore 2GB Daily

Choose Your  Server and Port New York Server Click Here 24 Port Manual Available     Singapore Server Click Here 12 Port Man [...]

Subscribers Moved to New Tokyo Server [07-28-2017

Server Update!!! We moved from New York Server to Tokyo Server , all subscribers of 50GB Bandwidth Data Thank you. [...]

ShadowsocksPH Server Update!!![07-26-2017]

New Password For 150GB Bandwidth Multiple User Available APN Tips   Download Prx and Manual:  http://shadowsocksph.space/?page_id=250 [...]
ShadowsocksPH APN Tips

ShadowsocksPH APN Tips

You can also use this APN Create new APN   Name: shadowsocksph APN: shadowsocksph.space MCC: 515 MNC: 02 APN [...]

Free 5 Days 250GB Bandwidth Open for Multiple Users Singapore Server [07-24-2017]

We are giving 5 Days Free Shadowsocks server. Free Internet No Load No Promo Shadowsocks Free 5 Days 250GB Bandwidth Multiple User Available. [...]

ShadowsocksPH Trial Server Updates! [07-24-2017]

Trial Server Status: Running 2GB Bandwidth: Daily Users: Multiple 25 Port: Open Download PRX for Postern: http://shadowsocksph.space/?page [...]
Shadowsocks Postern Rules

Shadowsocks Postern Rules

DOMAIN-SUFFIX,,Direct globe.com.ph; smart.com.ph; talkntext.com.ph; suncellular.com.ph; no-rdns.m247.ro; wap.globe.com.ph;  free.facebook.com;  [...]
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